The technologies of composite materials production

Fiberglass is a promising composite material, which has the widest application capabilities.

It allows to produce products of any size and complexity, which must meet different requirements of high-temperature strength, resistance to UV radiation and other performance characteristics.

Programmable properties of fiberglass products (depend on the characteristics of the filler, binding resins, the volume content of the initial components and the production technology):

  • product weight

  • strength characteristics

  • dielectric characteristics

  • resistance to aggressive environment

  • resistance to UV

  • thermal insulation properties

  • degree of non-combustibility

  • degree of radio transparency

  • decorative qualities (degree of glossiness)

ABS-plastic is a strong thermoplastic, shock-resistant resin that is widely used in the manufacturing of molded articles.

The company “Factory of Composites” has a full cycle of manufacturing the products made of ABS- plastic, which is based on vacuum molding on positive and negative matrices.

The tooling for the production of future products is made of fiberglass, which allows the company to design the product, make master models and prepare for the batch production in the shortest possible period of time.

The technology of production of ABS-plastic allows to obtain products with high dimensional stability, resistance to aggressive environment (alkali, inorganic salts, acids), as well as to fats, gasoline, lubricating oils.

Products can be produced in various colors, with different degrees of gloss (from matte to glossy) and a surface relief (imitation of skin, wood structure, etc.).

Carbon plastic (carbon) is a lightweight and durable composite material based on carbon fiber. Products made of carbon plastic have ultimate tensile strength, high limit of endurance, zero coefficient of thermal expansion, and they are absolutely resistant to corrosion.

In the production of the tool set for moulds, the company “Factory of Composites” uses polymer compositions based on polymer resins and epoxides.

If there is a need to increase the strength of the final product and improve its performance characteristics, it is possible to use the technology of synthesis of various materials, such as polyesters with aluminum, the synthesis of fiberglass products with various metals.

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