Medical truck train

Mobile medical centre “Zdorovie”

The mobile medical truck train is manufactured by the Nizhny Novgorod company “Factory of Composites” in partnership with Gorky Automobile Plant on the basis of the frame body of “GAZel- NEXT” and a two-axle trailer.


The medical-diagnostic complex is intended for executing on-site medical examinations, preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

The main purpose of the medical truck train is to provide people living in remote areas with modern qualified medical service.

The distinctive feature and advantage of the medical truck train over analogous tenders consists in the presence of two independent from each other modules, equipped with the necessary set of medical equipment and life support system, which allows specialists of different profiles to work with patients in comfortable conditions.

Medical modules of the truck train, located in the tractive unit or in the trailer, can have offices of functional diagnosis, dentology, ophthalmology, cardiology, doctor’s offices of children’s and women’s health, as well as a mobile fluorographic and X-ray office, offices of different purposes, a mobile donor center and others.

The mobile medical truck train can be manufactured and equipped according to the “Medicine of catastrophes” service’s purposes. It is capable of evacuating several injured people (up to 4 pers.) to hospitals providing pre-medical first aid and necessary medical and psychological aid in an autonomous module-trailer on the accident site.

It is also possible to equip the medical truck train with modern telehealth equipment, which makes it possible to send the information via GSM online.


Resuscitation-evacuation truck train

The resuscitation-evacuation complex, created on the basis of the  frame vehicle GAZel- NEXT and a double-axle trailer, is aimed to provide mobility and improve proficiency of medical rescue teams on accident sites. It can also be a part of the compulsory medical accompanying for sport, cultural, social and other events, including those for children.



The two independent medical modules, equipped with the life support system (heating, energy supply, conditioning, ventilation, lavatory) and with the necessary medical equipment allows to provide the emergency medical care for 6-8 patients simultaneously.

If necessary, the tractive unit, which is equipped accorning to the standards of ET of the “C”- class, can immediately transport two injured persons to the nearest medical center. At the same time, the autonomous module-trailer, consisting of a medical cabin and a staff room, goes on providing full emergency medical care for 4 patients simultaneously.

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