Public electric transport

Tram cab 71-922 "Varyag"

2016, the lead time of the first project- 30 calendar days. Partnership with "PC Transportation Systems" (Moscow).

The designers of the company "Factory of Composites" had the task: to give a more modern and attractive appearance to the existing tram car, to optimize work with the elements of "masks" for easy access to the units and aggregates of the car.

Area of responsibility of specialists " Factories of composites":

  • Full restyling of the exterior of the front and rear "masks" of the tram low-floor cab 71-922 "Varyag".

  • Full cycle of creation: from own concept design of the front "mask" of the tram to the mounting of the finished product.

Current status of the project: serial delivery.

Tram cabs 71-911 и 71-931

Partnership with PC “Transportation Systems" (Moscow) in the serial delivery of tram cabs 71-911 “CityStar” and 71-931 “Vityaz”.

Area of responsibility of specialists " Factories of composites": adaptation of the exterior and interior elements of the cab "Varyag" to the base of low-floor tram cabs 71-911 "CityStar" (one-section) and 71-931 "Vityaz" (three-section).

Manufacturing and mounting of fiberglass elements on the body.

Tram cab 71-623

Partnership with Ust-Katavsky Wagon Works (UKWW)

Manufacturing of serial equipment with making changes in the construction of elements.

Manufacturing of fiberglass details of the exterior, interior, operator control area, operator's partitions.

Serial delivery.

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