Tram 71-937M “Vityaz- M”

The lead time of the first project- 47 calendar days, 2016.

"Factory of Composites" - a partner of the production company "Transport Systems" (Moscow) in the serial delivery of low-floor trams with the driver's cab and the rear platform of the tram 71-931M "Vityaz-M", manufactured in a modular type.

The modular cab is a 100% ready-made module of the driver's cab or the rear platform of the tram car. Installation of the module on the tram car frame takes no more than 3 hours.

The maximum size of fiberglass exterior and interior details is 24 square meters.

Area of responsibility of "Factories of composites" on the project "Tram" Vityaz-M ":

  • The building of a mathematical model of the driver's cab and the rear passenger platform of the tram car

  • Working out and manufacturing of the tooling

  • Modeling and manufacturing of embedded details and the connections of frames of a tram car and modules

  • Mounting of the exterior and interior details on the bearing frame

  • Glazing of the cab, rear platform, mounting of the light in the front and back parts of the tram carcasses

  • Mounting of the ready-made modules to the tram car of “Vityaz-M”

  • Working out of the design documents


  • exterior/ interior

  • glazing set

  • installed lighting engineering

  • operator control area/ passenger seats

  • electrical package

  • tram brackets and inserts

  • access hatches

  • color solutions and the scheme of painting of the exterior/interior are performed according to the customer's requirements. It allows you to create an individual product image not only for each city, but even for different routes plying in the city, taking into account characteristics of the traffic in the historical, business and other areas of the city.


    Examples of color solutions of the exterior of the tram "Vityaz-M":

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