Services of the Company “Factory of Composites”

Design and engineering of a product

The design department of the company provides services of the working out and design of the future product made of composite materials, and its full development: mathematical model of the product and its components, calculation of strength characteristics, running characteristics, elaboration of movable mechanisms (if necessary) and calculation of  surface matching  and areas of contiguity.

Simultaneously with the design, mathematical model of the future product is being built. In accordance with it, the design engineers can check the detail for strength, calculate the basis, make changes and corrections. 3D modeling gives a complete visual representation of the future product.

The engineers of the company “Factory of Composites” calculate the basis for the strength characteristics of both monolithic articles and those consisting of different materials – in accordance with the finished design or their own designing according to the customer's specification.

Model works

The company “Factory of Composites” carries out a full-scale prototyping of the future product using the latest technologies. This process allows you to see the final product in full size, evaluate the quality of the design, detect design errors and prevent costly adjustments, assess the accuracy of dimensions and manufacturability of the assembly of the product.

Model works can be carried out both according to the customer's sketches, and on the basis of our own drawings.

Prototyping and production of pilot models and reference samples

LLC “Factory of Composites” provides services for the prototyping of a particular product or the whole system. Possible ways of creating a prototype: 3D printing, volumetric milling, silicone casting. The technology of applying silicones allows you to make prototypes of monolithic products of any complexity.

Pilot modeling is a ready-made single piece made of composite material that precicely meets the requirements of the technical specification. It is fully functional, and the process of its pilot operation reveals all the design and modeling errors, if any.

The reference sample is a concept applicable to serialized products. The reference sample is used to visually check for compliance of any product from a large-circulation party by such parameters as dimensional accuracy and geometry, color, weight, some strength characteristics.

Batch production of the items made of composites

The production facilities of the company allow to produce a significant number of products both in pieces and in running meters, i.е. products of various sizes and thicknesses. At each area of the batch production, manufacturing is controlled according to all world standards. In addition, the inspection department  evaluates the quality of absolutely all the materials and components, which allows to eliminate the faulty production at the early stage of manufacturing.

Besides, our own unique technical solutions and the experience of foreign partners allow the specialists of the "Factory of Composites"  to program the properties of the future composite product as accurately as possible. All this allows to optimize the consumption of materials used, while maintaining all the characteristics of the final product, which rationalizes the customer's costs.

Experience and qualification of the personnel, production areas and technical equipment of the company, well-adjusted logistic schemes of raw materials and components supply- all this ensures the high quality of batch production of composite products and the fulfillment of the order precicely on time.

Manufacturing of gaging fixtures

The company offers its services in the development and production of technological equipment of any complexity, in particular gaging fixtures which improve the quality and credibility of the control over any batch production process.

Methods of the production of controlling technical tooling:

  • vacuum mold

  • casting bed

  • contact molding bed

  • prototype mold

  • injection molding machine beds

The manufacturing of control devices is performed by the use of high-precision CNC milling machines with the latest technologies, which have no analogues not only in other Russian regions, but also in other countries.

Engineering working-out of the company "Factory of Composites" allows to produce technological equipment from casting composites, superior to aluminum ones.

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