Composite Material Manufacturing Technology


Composites Factory applies various methods of manufacturing fiberglass products of any complexity and size: impression molding, vacuum infusion, RTM, RTM light, Flex molding.

Fiberglass is an advanced composite material providing the widest possibilities to be used in different real-life environments including motor vehicle industry. This material allows manufacturing fiberglass products of any complexity and size meeting various requirements for thermal stability, ultraviolet resistance, radio transparency grade and other specifications.

Programmable fiberglass product specifications (depending on properties of the filler, bonding resins, primary component volumetric content, manufacturing process):

  • Product weight
  • Strength properties
  • Dielectric properties
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion and biological stability
  • Mechanical stress resistance
  • High ultraviolet resistance
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Incombustibility grade
  • Radio transparency grade
  • High fiberglass product maintainability
  • Decorative properties (color, gloss grade)

ABS plastics are widely used in molded products manufacture. Composites Factory provides full-scale manufacturing of products made of ABS plastics based on vacuum molding process using positive and negative molds.

Production tooling for future products is made from fiberglass thus allowing the company to design any product within the possible shortest time, make a master model and get prepared for batch manufacturing.

ABS plastics manufacturing technology allows obtaining products characterized by high size stability. Products can be manufactured in different colors, gloss grade (matt or glossy) and with different surface profile (“leather pattern”, “wooden pattern” etc.).



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