“Pioneer” 6218 Electric Bus


“Pioneer” 6218 electric bus is a Russian innovative product developed by the Transport Systems Company to be operated on the routes of modern metropolitan cities if there are no overhead lines and special charging infrastructure.

The electric bus body is made from fiberglass on an aluminum frame. The passenger compartment is designed to carry 85 persons, it provides 100% low floor and panoramic windows, and it is equipped with a climate control system, slots for charging mobile devices, information screens and free Wi-Fi.

This electric bus peculiarity is its mobile storage battery system. “Pioneer” is equipped with a trailer power module providing 150 kW/h total capacity; when fully discharged it can be easily replaced with the preliminary charged one. This system enhances the vehicle autonomous run up to 200 kilometers allowing its operation without any downtime.


Composites Factory Responsibilities under the “Pioneer Electric Bus” Project:

  • To brainstorm for visual concept, to provide a design project
  • To develop structural elements and arrangement solutions for manufacturing exterior and interior parts, the driver’s workplace
  • To carry out pilot and experimental works, installation supervision works for the electric bus body and trailer module.

In parallel with electric bus, manufacturing Composites Factory Company has been performing works to design and manufacture an ultra-fast charging station body as a modern urban infrastructure object equipped with current-collecting devices to charge the electric bus storage batteries.

“Pioneer” 6218 electric bus was premiered in May 2018 during International Electric Transport Show “ElectroTrans 2018” in Moscow.


Head Office:

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Office hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM - 6 PM

Fiberglass Production:

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