Engineering Services

The Composites Factory provides a full range of engineering services to develop and design composite products (when developing product design from the scratch or when modifying it):

  • Creating unique products being designed from scratch considering requirements for functions, conditions and service life.
  • Modifying existing products aiming to improve their quality and performance.

We provide the following engineering services:

  • Industrial design – from brainstorming for visual concept to simplified 3D model of a new product. 
  • 3D design — creating a precise virtual model fully adapted for manufacturing; development of mathematical models.
  • Design documentation release — we will assist in preparing a complete documentation package or a part of it.
  • Reverse engineering — reproducing any products, parts, or mechanisms based on the provided sample.

Here are examples of the company’s competences in the area of engineering services for passenger electric transport:

  • Developing new appearance, creating a concept design
  • Creating design projects, building mathematical models
  • Developing interior and exterior styles as well as driver’s workplace
  • Developing project’s interior and exterior composite elements
  • Mathematical modelling for facelifts
  • Developing Design Documentation
  • Developing production tooling taking into account all final product specifications.

The Composites Factory unites specialists leading in industrial design and public transit vehicles engineering and having more than 16 years of successful experience in the field.





Industrial Design

Львенок скетч

3D Design

Модуль из стеклопластика для транспортировки баллонов с газом


Design Documentation Release

Выпуск конструкторской документации


Reverse Engineering

3D сканирование


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