3D Modelling

Three-dimensional modelling provides visual representation of the future product and reproduces its precise model on the screen.

Our company provides 3D modeling with complete adaptation for manufacturing designed products, parts and components:

  • We operate the state-of-the-art CAD systems
  • We provide the customer with data in any necessary formats
  • We create 3D models of any structure independent of their complexity

The built 3D model can be used for 3D printing, three-axis milling and any other kinds of prototyping.

We provide the following 3D modelling services:

  • Surface modelling (building surfaces describing individual elements of the object being designed) based on sketches and CAD drawings.
  • Solid state modelling (building shells of the object being modelled taking into account its interior) based on sketches and CAD drawings
  • Surface and solid state model modifying based on STL point cloud model obtained by 3D scanning.
    You can request a 3D scanning service from us.
  • 3D model engineering: testing the part for integrity, calculating strength properties justification, introducing changes and adjustments.



Examples of 3D design completed works


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