Industrial Design

When working under any project, we aim at creating a unique image of the product following all modern market tendencies and meeting demands and expectations of our customer. Our team provides full-scale package of works to design composite products of any structure and size.

  • Brainstorming for visual concept. Any new product development starts with looking for various concepts. The Composites Factory designer visualizes its ideas or the customer’s ideas as draft drawings on paper or sketches.
  • Creating a sketch. Several sketches of the future product are prepared to be approved by the customer to select the top solution for style and arrangement; we work with the product image from various angles.
  • Developing a design project. A graphic editor is used to build a simplified 3D model of the new project without providing much detail. At this stage, color scheme and finishing textures if applicable are selected, interior component arrangement is clarified, etc. To provide visual expression and upon the customer’s request the designer creates a photorealistic image of the product being designed. The obtained concept design is the basis for further product 3D modelling, design, and manufacture.



Examples of completed works:




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