Fiberglass in motor vehicle industry


The Composites Factory partners with the Forward Company in batch supplying of composite elements for series 1855 special purpose vehicles and series 877 and 913 trailers.

These special purpose vehicles and trailers can be of the following versions:

  • General purpose vans, insulated vans or refrigerators
  • Shop cars, itinerant trade vehicles
  • Food trucks — “wheeled” cafes
  • Mobile medical centers
  • Workshop vehicle, various labs, canine unit, emergency service
  • Camper van, mobile TV studio, mobile office, medical office, mobile ATM.

Special-purpose vehicles can be developed based on various GAZ brand vehicle chassis or any other chassis meeting the customer’s demands.

To consult on any matters relating to special-purpose vehicle or trailer van development or purchasing, please contact the Forward Company’s specialists..

Potential special-purpose vehicle models

Стеклопластиковые детали для фудтраков Стеклопластиковые детали для автолавок Стеклопластиковые детали для передвижных медицинских комплексов

Food truck based on GAZelle-NEXT

Shop car based on GAZelle-NEXT Mobile medical center
Стеклопластиковые детали для спецавтомобилей Стеклопластиковые детали для спецавтомобилей Стеклопластиковый прицеп

Special-purpose vehicle based on GAZon-NEXT

Special-purpose vehicle based on URAL-NEXT Trailer machinery

More models on the Forward website

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