“Varyag”, “CityStar”, and “Vityaz” Trams

“Varyag” 71-922 Tram Car

Year of 2016, project implementation term is 30 calendar days. In partnership with the Transport Systems Production Company (Moscow)

The Composites Factory designers were assigned a task to provide the existing tram with more up-to-date and more attractive appearance, to make improvements in “fascia” elements to provide easier access to the units and assemblies of the car.

CF specialists’ responsibilities:

  • To provide complete restyling of front and rear fascia exterior for “Varyag” 71-922 low flow tram car.
  • To provide a complete creation cycle: from own tram front fascia concept design to finished product installation.

Current project status: batch supplying.

Tram Cars 71-911 and 71-931

Partnership with the Transport Systems Production Company (Moscow) to provide batch production of “CityStar” 71-911 and “Vityaz” 71-931 tramcars.

CF specialists’ responsibilities: to adapt exterior and interior elements of “Varyag” car to the base of low floor tram cars — “CityStar” 71-911 (one section) and “Vityaz” 71-931 (three sections).

To manufacture and install fiberglass elements on the body.

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