“Vityaz-M” 71-931M Tram


The Composites Factory partners with the Transport Systems Production Company (Moscow) in batch supplying for low-floor trams including “Vityaz-M” 71-931M tram driver’s cabin and rear vestibule modules.

The Composites Factory took part in designing the pilot sample. Manufacturing and installation of the rear module — 47 calendar days, 2016.

Composites Factory Responsibilities under the “Vityaz-M Tram” Project:

  • To build mathematical models for the driver’s cabin and tram rear vestibule
  • To develop and manufacture tooling
  • To provide modelling and manufacturing of insert elements and joint units between the tram frame and the modules
  • To install exterior and interior parts on the bearing frame
  • To provide cabin and rear vestibule glazing, to install lighting equipment in the head and rear parts of the car
  • To install finished modules on “Vityaz-M” car
  • Developing Design Documentation

A module cabin is a 100% complete module of the driver’s cabin or tram rear vestibule. Its takes not more than 3 hours to install the module on the tram frame.

Maximum size of the exterior or interior fiberglass part is 24 sq. m.


  • Exterior / interior
  • Glazing set
  • Installed lighting equipment
  • Driver’s workplace / passenger seats
  • Electric equipment set
  • Brackets and inserts
  • Access hatches
  • Exterior/interior color scheme and painting diagram is according to the customer’s requirements. It allows creating an individual image of the product not only for every city but also for various lines in the metropolitan city considering traffic peculiarities in historical, business and other districts of the city.

Examples of color schemes for “Vityaz-M” tram exterior:

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