“ADMIRAL” 6281 Trolleybus

“ADMIRAL” 6281 Trolleybus Project, Year of 2015.

Project implementation term — 92 calendar days.


Partnership with the Transport Systems Production Company (Moscow) to create “Admiral” 6281 trolleybus model with 100% low floor. All fiberglass components were designed and built based on the approved project statement taking into account further trolleybus operation conditions including temperature and moister conditions, UV intensity, safety and maintainability requirements.

Composites Factory responsibilities for creating “Admiral” trolleybus:

  • To provide concept design for exterior and driver’s workplace
  • To build a mathematical model
  • To manufacture master models
  • To manufacture pilot dies
  • To manufacture interior parts from low combustible materials with their color according to RAL
  • To manufacture exterior parts for further painting
  • To develop and install glazing elements (triplex, stalinite)
  • To develop and install lighting equipment: head lights, rear lights, interior lighting
  • To provide installation supervision for exterior and interior elements, driver’s workplace

Development history:


  • Exterior parts provide unrestricted mechanical washing
  • 100% corrosion resistance of the body and passenger compartment fiberglass elements
  • 100% dielectric materials
  • High incombustibility grade of all elements used for finishing the body, passenger compartment, cabin and luggage compartment
  • Trimming material is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Passenger compartment anti-vandal elements
  • Ergonomic driver’s workplace
  • Efficient thermal and sound insulation of the passenger compartment
  • Absolute biological stability of side walls and ceiling
  • Painted products are highly resistant to UV radiation
  • High maintainability of trolleybus fiberglass interior and exterior elements
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