3D Scanning


The Composites Factory Company offers industrial 3D scanning services.

Laser 3D scanning is a state-of-the-art technology to build a 3D model based on a physical sample without using basic mathematical models and complex measuring tools.

Technology’s benefits:

  • Fast and highly precise digital model
  • Providing the object under study minor details
  • Contactless process without damaging the object under study.

The industrial 3D scanning process includes several stages:

  • Object scanning to build a polygonal model of the part
  • Transforming the polygonal model into a solid 3D model by using special software
  • Modifying the obtained 3D model: editing and analyzing, developing documentation if necessary

The Composites Factory specialists use the cutting-edge laser 3D scanner in their works. Output format is an STL model to be transformed into a solid digital model for further editing and sending it to batch production.


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