MDF Milling, Production Tooling Manufacturing


The Composites Factory production facility is equipped with high-precision CNC milling machines. Our company can provide milling for a large MDF batch within the possible shortest time. Processed products undergo quality control, and they have no shavings, burrs or burns.

Our company specializes in milling of production tooling of any complexity level. We are ready to provide a full range of services to create high quality process tooling, molds and master models from composite materials. When designing production tooling the company’s engineers take into consideration specifications of the final product it is being built for, the required number of pickups, used material quality when operating the tooling.

We carry out the following works:

  • Milling master models or dies from MDF and model plastics
  • Manufacturing containers to multiply tooling
  • Manufacturing pilot and batch dies
  • Manufacturing tooling for vacuum molding (ABS plastics forming)

It is possible to manufacture master models and molds based on the provided drawings, samples, models or to manufacture production tooling from the design and modelling stage using the in-company production facilities.

The Composites Factory engineering developments allow manufacturing production tooling from molding composites excelling its aluminum equivalents.

Molds, master models, production tooling made by the Composites Factory mean the following:

  • reliable, easy-to-use and durable tooling
  • high product maintainability
  • contact surface quality strictly complies with the project statement
  • dies for impression molding of any form and size including large format ones
  • complying with complex form shapes



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