Composite Products Full-Scale Production

Фабрика композитов. Серийное производство изделий из стеклопластика


The Composites Factory production facilities provide manufacturing a significant number of products both in units and in linear meters i.e. products of various size and thickness.

Output quality control according to all international standards is provided at every batch production section. Additionally, incoming material QC section assesses quality of all basic materials and component parts, thus allowing rejecting defective products already at the initial stage of manufacturing.

Company’s unique engineering solutions and experience of international partners let the Composites Factory specialists precisely program properties of any future composite product.

All this allows consuming materials efficiently meanwhile maintaining all properties of the finished product, thus it reduces the customer’s costs as well.

Experience and qualification of the personnel, manufacturing sites, equipment and technologies of the company, proven logistics for raw materials and component parts — overall it contributes to high quality of composite product batch production and allows completing orders just in time.



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